Can you get a job through a recruiter?

Keep in mind that a recruiter's job is not to find you a job. Recruiters are hired by companies looking for employees to fill their vacant positions. They don't find work for people, they find people to work with. However, as a job applicant, you gain several advantages in a recruiter's candidate pool.

Recruiters are job search experts who know all the tricks and have just the right dose of intuition to help you establish a good connection. Sometimes, a professional contact will recommend a specific recruiter during your job search and give you a presentation that way. However, they usually can't “take chances” with someone with a non-traditional background for the position they're hiring for because most clients expect to see the type of professional they asked for in the job description. Get the latest news from the Mac's List community, including new job offers, job search resources and more useful material, direct to your inbox.

That's why it's important for job seekers to understand what it's like to work with a recruiter. So, let's see how you can quickly decide whether or not you should use a recruiter in your job search. They can look beyond resumes and job descriptions and bring common sense, experience and a human touch to the job search process. In general, due to the fees involved in using your service, recruiters are expected to identify candidates who check all the boxes the customer is looking for.

This is counterproductive when you end up with a recruiter you don't like or who doesn't have a strong relationship with the customer, and therefore reduces your chances of getting the job.

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