Do recruiters want you to get higher salary?

They're not trying to get you the ideal job for your career or maximize your salary. They're trying to find a buyer that fits your skills and experience, as quickly as possible. The best thing for you is to search for a lot of jobs, get several offers, negotiate them all and choose the best opportunity for you. Don't get excited and accept an offer the minute they give you a number, Brown advises.

Instead, say how excited you are about the opportunity and ask how much time you have to review the offer. Ask for a breakdown of the benefit package and consider general wage compensation combined with benefits. Jennifer Schwab, founder of ENTITY Academy, a six-week mentoring program for young women entering the workforce, empowers women to negotiate their first job offer. Ask for the compensation you want: it can be a combination of salary, bonuses, capital, profit sharing options or expense accounts.

Studies show that 62% of recent university graduates do not negotiate their salaries for fear of losing the job offer. But what they don't know is that 90% of employers have never backed down on an offer because a beginning candidate tried to negotiate. In fact, 74% of employers have room to increase their first offer by 5 to 10% during negotiations. Don't be afraid to start the conversation.

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