Does it cost to use a job recruiter?

The answer to this question is one you're sure to love: working with a recruiter doesn't cost you anything. Candidates don't pay recruiters for their services; they are paid by the company that hired them to fill their vacant positions. If you're wondering if it's illegal for a job applicant to pay a recruiter, the answer is also no. There's nothing stopping you from paying someone, whether it's a recruiter, an agent, or your best friend, to find you a job.

However, recruitment and employment agencies usually offer their services free of charge to job seekers. Employers pay agencies to find candidates, conduct initial interviews, and conduct background checks. In the ideal situation, you won't have to pay the recruiter until they find you the job, although that's not always the case. Getting the perfect job can be a dream come true, but in some sectors it's difficult to enter or find work without having privileged information.

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