How do recruiters decide who to hire?

The hiring manager will normally hold a meeting to review the candidate's ideal profile and commission the committee. Each member of the selection committee will have their preferences regarding the qualifications and qualities of the candidate, depending on their relationship with the position. In the first round of interviews, ask the candidate to meet with the hiring manager and someone from human resources. In the second interview, ask them to meet with their direct supervisor.

If you decide to do a third interview, have the candidate meet with the owner or president of the company. Having all of these people with the candidate can help you find the best person for the position. When hiring managers and recruiters understand their roles and work well together, the hiring process will shine. Erica Thomas, a technical recruiter from Palm Coast, Florida, strongly recommends that you modify your resume for each position you apply for.

Some recruiters have rejected large salary increases, signing bonuses and incredible benefits and have done their best to close new job offers as quickly as possible. The recruiter (and this applies to both internal and external recruiters) must partner with the hiring manager to understand these requirements and develop a hiring plan that generates a variety of qualified candidates to consider, but not so many as to make it overwhelming and counterproductive. That's when both parties can build a strong relationship between the recruiter and the hiring manager and ultimately be more effective in their work.

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