Is recruiter and hr same?

In short, the key difference between HR and Recruiting is that recruiters attract and select talent to meet the company's hiring objectives. On the contrary, human resources help employees and the company develop a comfortable work environment by providing skills to resolve conflicts and ensure that certain standards are met. In general, most of the time people consider that a recruiter and a human resources professional have the same job function. But in reality, a recruiter is someone who works on the human resources team.

Recruiting people is a common process that occurs once a quarter or at any time when a job vacancy arises. Although the hiring team works separately, they are mostly positions designated by the human resources department. The recruiter manages the database of job applicants received by the organization and only sends shortlisted candidates to the human resources department. Educating clients about the organization and describing the job role of the candidate are also some of the important activities performed by the recruiter.

There are also cases where recruiters are not permanent employees, but are instead hired by the human resources department to recruit people. Once the human resources department provides them with information about job vacancies, recruiters take care of the entire interview process, for example, getting an employee of the team to handle the technical part and also assigning human resources professionals for the interview process. While employment recruiters are responsible for the entire recruitment process, from filtering the resume to the final personal interview, the human resources department takes the next level of the process. The recruiter carries out the entire process to attract the candidate, while the human resources department mostly comes into play, either in the final phase of hiring or after the candidate has been hired.

The best way to describe both jobs about themselves is for the recruiter to work directly under the direction of the HR manager and is part of the human resources team. It's also worth noting that the relationship will be different between a recruiter who works for the organization and one who works for a candidate to find a job. Once a job applicant gets the position, the recruiter role definitely ends there and the human resources department is responsible for training and development, evaluations, equipment assignment and also induction. To work effectively with a recruiter, the HR department must trust the process and let the recruiter do their job.

Another way that human resources and recruiters can be in constant contact is to have the recruiter keep an eye on the best in the industry and continuously search for candidates to consider. Conducting an individual interview in and of itself is an arduous task that a human resources department usually avoids and assigns that work to recruiters. Once a recruiter has found a candidate and that candidate is hired, a transfer takes place from the recruiter to the human resources department.

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