Do recruiters negotiate salaries for you?

Don't get excited and accept an offer the minute they give you a number, Brown advises. Instead, say how excited you are about the opportunity and ask how much time you have to review the offer. Ask for a breakdown of the benefit package and consider general wage compensation combined with benefits. If a candidate can avoid giving out their number first, do so.

However, when you talk to an outside recruiter, be transparent because they are motivated to sit in the middle and bring the two parties together to reach an agreement. When talking about salary, give a range and explain that it depends on the entire package. From there, one can get an idea of the employer's position based on their response. These recruiters should have the same strategy manual as the recruiters who discussed my interview with Glassdoor.

The mass protest on social media in response to the failed recruitment attempt has led many commentators to take a stand against the recruiter.

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