Do you have better chances of getting a job through a recruiter?

On average, the odds of a recruiter contacting you are one in 12.In reality, the odds are much worse than that for most people. To facilitate the process, job seekers should consider working with a recruiter. When you work with a recruiter or recruitment agency, you're not entirely alone in your job search. A recruiter could assign you a job that requires your skills and experience.

Contacting a hiring specialist or executive headhunter will increase your chances of getting the best possible job in more than one way. Collaborating with a recruiter in your job search will allow you to be aware of potential vacancies and upcoming opportunities, making you the first candidates to be selected and interviewed for an exciting new position. This can help you save time during your job search, as you'll know that you won't have to wait for an answer and can continue with your job search. This means that agency recruiters are highly trained to help you see job opportunities in positions you didn't consider before.

Working with a recruiter will give you exclusive access to an impressive network of attractive employers and better job opportunities so you can realize your career aspirations. Most companies work with recruiters to gain better access to a larger pool of qualified talent who are not available to fill their job openings. The Randstad salary calculator is a free tool that any job applicant and employer can use to generate a personalized salary report that indicates their situation in terms of salary, job responsibilities and talent demands in today's Singapore labor market. The best part of working with a dedicated employment recruiter is having the upper hand when it comes to having a great potential offer and closing the deal with the best possible outcome.

Job seekers often refer to themselves as “customers,” and recruiters are trained not to correct them.

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